Living For Zachary

It is funny how different organizations get put into your life. I have probably volunteered for 10-15 different organizations before Living for Zachary was presented to me, and I will tell you, it has completely changed my life. Don't get me wrong, I love to volunteer! I have always liked to be involved. I will tell you though, there is something very different and very special about Living for Zachary, and it is an organization that I am very passionate about.

Zachary Troy Schrah was a fun-loving young man who lived each day of his short life to the fullest. He was born February 10, 1993, in Garland, Texas, to Troy and Karen (Granger) Schrah. From a young age, Troy and Karen appreciated his self-confident nature and zest for life. We decided his name would be spelled Zac, not Zach or Zack. We knew he was one of a kind, even as a toddler!

Zac grew up in Plano. While he was enthusiastic about all sports, he loved baseball and football the most. As a sophomore at 
Clark High School, he played tackle on the Junior Varsity offensive line at Plano East Senior High School. During 2009 spring training, Plano East coaches recognized his talent and slated him to play on the Varsity team during the 2009-2010 seasons. Zac was working out with the football team after school and collapsed. There was no warning and all of coaches, players and nurses were unable to help. Zac suffered from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and in this case did not make it.

Trying to cope with Zac's death, a group of mothers began researching the incidents of SCA in young student athletes. They were shocked to learn that nationwide 10,000 young people die each year from SCA (according to the American Heart Association). That is 28 a day! Not only is that figure staggering, we feel it is absolutely unacceptable when it can be prevented in many cases.

The research also revealed that SCA is a SILENT KILLER striking the seemingly healthy and fit without symptoms or warning. They learned that simple cardiac testing can detect the potential for SCA with 99% accuracy but is not the current standard of care for routine or sport physical examinations, they were called to action. A sad but true fact is that most insurance carriers will not cover cardiac testing unless there are symptoms. But again, in most cases there are no symptoms. 

Since its inception in June 2009, the core group of mothers has grown to include fathers, students, friends, businesses, schools, medical institutions and other organizations. We know that in our hearts with more education awareness and screening, fewer cases of SCA will occur. Fewer precious lives will be lost.

I am so fortunate to become a part of such a wonderful organization. Please contact me if you need any information or would like to get involved!!